“PRANDI Wirings” policy fits the goal of maximum Customer satisfaction, and to this end the production method has been designed to allow maximum flexibility and delivery speed of the products with an Excellent Quality.

For this purpose, the Company invests resources in training the people directly in charge of Quality and in involving all the personnel.

All processes are carried out and supported by clear operating instructions that refer to customer specifications and to the regulations in force.

“PRANDI Wirings” is certified UNI EN ISO 9000:2008 and C-UL U.S. ZPFW2 – ZPFW8.

The qualitative trend of internal processes, products sold, Suppliers and purchased goods is continuously monitored through monthly reports rendered into charts and duly analyzed and disclosed.

>> View and download the certificate C-UL U.S. ZPFW2 – ZPFW8.

>> View and download the certificate UNI EN ISO 9000:2008.